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Are Conferences Dead?

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Covid-19 put a pause on large, in-person conferences and changed the way that people gather to learn new information. Are conferences a thing of the past, or are they still important and relevant in the IT world and beyond?

There are two different sides to the coin. First, let’s talk about the pros of continuing conferences and the benefit of in-person events.

By attending in-person events, you have the ability to network and talk to the people around you. If you have questions, you can turn to the person next to you or have a quick chat about the services and products being presented or talked about. A personal relationship is built between people when going to an in-person event, and that does not happen with virtual conferences.

Another perk of in-person conferences is new information. You might be thinking, I can get new information virtually. Although you can learn information from the internet, you will most likely not just be learning from the speaker, but from the other attendees as well. IT people are very open and generous with new information and skills that they have learned. Even though all the IT professionals are selling the same types of services, competition is very rare at conferences. The main goal is to help each other out and learn as much as possible to further the IT community.

Although it is not the main draw of conferences, swag is always included. You know what we’re talking about! Vendors come from all over looking to give out items that will help advertise their services or products. You don’t get that experience with virtual events.

The other side to the coin is the pros of keeping conferences virtual or nonexistent.

The biggest argument for no conferences or virtual events is that you can get the same experience and learn the same information from the comfort of your home or office. There is no need to pay lots of money to attend an event that will give you the same information as an online article or video. There is also a large chance that the conference will be filmed and offered for free following the event.

Now that Covid-19 showed that most things can be done online or virtually, it is argued that there is no need to gather in large group settings. Chat options and communication is offered through these online platforms, even if it is not always the easiest or most personal approach to communication, it is better than nothing.

Going forward, if conferences come back like before, there should be opportunities for more personal interaction and chances for people to ask questions that they have been curious about. This would allow even more interaction and give more value to conferences as a whole.

We want to hear your thoughts on whether conferences are dead or still kicking! Contact us and let us know what you think.

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