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Are we getting closer to a sense of normalcy? In the finale of our “Year in Review” series, Laurie Fraser from Doorstep Diner and Country Sliced Ham & Cafe returns to the Humanize IT Podcast to give her thoughts on the coming year. Adam & Skip enjoyed their conversation with her so much last time that they invited her back to hear about what lessons she learned from within the food industry this year.

“Water your own grass.”

This is what Laurie is keeping in the forefront of her mind heading into 2021. She shared how this wound up being pivotal in her ability to navigate through the year. Laurie explains that she was focusing so much on her competitors — what they are doing, how they were doing it, and why she wasn’t — that she knew she had to start giving herself more credit if she were to grow. Watering other people’s grass can lead to discovering and learning great things, but sometimes you need to heap that praise and focus onto your own operation.

Fortunately for Laurie and her businesses, she shared that the phone is ringing, people are putting in orders, and there seems to be optimism toward 2021. While these are signs of great news for the food industry, she shared that it’s not that shocking when you consider how habitual we largely all are. The people who typically cater food to their work will quickly return to that habit. So, the more people who come back to the office, the more demand there will naturally be for their catering services.

But in order to become a place someone builds their habits around, you must be in touch with your target market’s wants and needs. This starts by identifying specifically who this target market is, and then thinking critically about how you can work together with these people in order to give them the experience they truly desire. For Laurie Fraser, she learned this was an experience of the good old times - nostalgia.

Since Laurie oversees marketing, she knows their target market is an older audience longing for a return to normalcy. They weren’t able to have a normal Easter, Fourth of July or Thanksgiving, but they really wanted to provide that classic home-cooked experience for their families at Christmas. By leaning into this sense of nostalgia thematically, they were able to create another stream of revenue. What makes this example even more amazing is how technology helped them achieve this feat despite the direct health mandates and canceled corporate Christmas office parties!

Thank you Laurie Fraser again for providing your insight as we wrapped up this crazy year. If you enjoyed this episode as much as we did, be sure to share, like and subscribe!

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