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Best of 2020 Podcasts


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2020 was a crazy year for everyone. But, with 35 podcast episodes out, Adam and Skip consider the year a success. They share their favorite and most memorable episodes from last year.

Tales From Around the World

Every person has experienced the Covid-19 pandemic in some way. Whether it has hugely affected you or only created small changes to daily life, the virus has created a shared problem. During this episode series, a diversity of challenges were heard as well as stories about how different people dealt with business and personal life.

Guests had fascinating conversations about shared challenges and how Covid created a sense of community, not just with neighbors, but with people around the world. Each person is going through similar things, whether you live in Canada, South Africa or The United States, and that unifies people more than ever before.

Problems of the Past

A lot of problems that used to rule lives don’t exist anymore. With updated technology and everything being so instant and fast, technology now seems like magic. This topic is what inspired Adam and Skip to create the Humanize IT podcast, and gave a look-back on the struggles that older technology brought.

Whether it was boot-up or configuring memory space, Adam and Skip talked about their experience with technological problems and how those have changed over the years.

Crystal ball: 2021 Predictions with Bob Mohr

Even with the uncertainty that 2020 brought, it is fun to look forward to what the following year has in store. Adam and Skip predicted what 2021 might look like in order to look back in a year and see what they guessed correctly.

With changing wants and needs of consumers comes new technological advances, systems and jobs. This episode really hammered down on these details and created anticipation for what is to come in the next twelve months.

Improvised Intelligence

This was the start of a four-part series with Gina Trimarco about how to change communication with your team for the better and be able get on the same page as people. Gina spoke about the need to understand what other people are going through and to use that to positively leverage relationships.

Understanding people and communicating well were main takeaways from this series, and Adam and Skip found relatability to be a main factor in streamlining communication and creating connections with people.

Thank you for joining in on the journey to bridge the gap between business and technology this last year, and get excited about 2021 and the content that is coming your way.

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