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Are you experiencing burnout in your IT profession?

You might not even know that it’s happening, but it is important to avoid becoming too tired or not passionate about the tasks you are being asked to do. Here’s a little test to discover if you are experiencing burnout.

Are you easily distracted, extremely tired, not passionate or excited about your position and slightly snippy about very small things? If you answered yes to some of those items, then you are most likely experiencing some form of IT burnout.

Burnout can be caused by many different aspects of your job. It can be caused by emotional exhaustion that can zap the passion out of the zob. Repetition of the same task over and over again might also cause burnout due to the fun energy of your job being gone from feeling uncreative. Lastly, it can be caused by simply managing a business and fixing problems instead of getting to strategically think about things.

You may be feeling dread from the realization that you are experiencing burnout from your IT job. Don’t worry! There are simple solutions to help get you back on track to loving and finding passion in your job again.

Quit thinking about the technology for what it simply is and start thinking about how the technology is going to help the end user. Really dig into the ways that the product can be used to leverage your business. This new perspective can really help shift the way that you view what you are doing every day into a more useful and meaningful process.

Keep your process fresh and keep your creativity flowing. Try working in a new position for a day or two or moving around to a different area of your work space. Challenge yourself to try something different. Look at things with a new perspective and, maybe, this could ignite passion back into your career.

Another huge aspect of burnout is sleep. Seriously, you need it. Let’s try something.

You’re in a boring meeting and you close your eyes for just a moment, but you almost fall asleep. This means you are most likely sleep deprived. You should only close your eyes during a boring meeting and feel bored. If you are struggling to focus or stay awake, it is time to take a break.

Business professionals, this is where you can help. Recognize the sleep deprived IT staff and mandate a one or two week mandatory break. I know this seems crazy, but giving your staff a break will enable people to think about other things for a time and come back to work refreshed. It is also critical to have time to think strategically and creatively about solutions and make sure that what you are doing is being done correctly.

For IT professionals, it is important that you take care of yourself. Be mindful and put checks and balances on yourself to force mandatory breaks and enable a fresh mind and renewed passion for all things IT.

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