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Business Problems of the Past

Business Problems of the Past

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There are lots of problems in the business world that we used to have that are just not thought about today. We’re going to talk about a few of them!

First up, bridge calls.

A bridge call was simply a way to connect people all in one call and allowed a group of selected people to participate together and get connected virtually. The problem with these calls was their inability to pause or mute efficiently. Generally, this led to obnoxious commercials being played while everyone else on the call was trying to communicate with one another. To avoid this, people would either kill the call or have to hang up and dial back in, which is not the most efficient way to communicate with a team remotely.

The next business problem of the past is filing cabinets. That’s right. Pounds and pounds of paper being stored in giant metal cabinets, with no efficient way to collect or find that stored data.

What used to take days can now be done in a matter of seconds with simple searches. The people that used to be in charge of finding those files or documents were paper pushers, and now their job is so much more about data and research management. These people are embedded in the business and able to provide data that empowers the business to do more.

This change in how data storage has also changed the way that people work. In-person work and brick-and-mortar stores were all created because of centralized data. People came to work where the data is, just like students go to universities to be where the experts are teaching. But, now that data is stored digitally and not centralized as in the past, people are freer to work where and how they please.

Going forward, we’re going to be able to be strategic and intentional with how we use online platforms.

Speaking of using online platforms strategically, we now have the resources to intentionally predict customer decisions like never before.

It’s not that technology is tracking people or reading their personal information. But, collecting data and looking at trends allows people to be predictable. We’re able to predict people because our models for analyzing data have changed and become more advanced. We can ask a question, find millions of people easily that have an interest in that question and gain answers more easily.

These are just a few of the ways that technology and business professionals have changed the way they do their jobs in just the last 10 years. Technology will continue to advance and enhance business and processes even more in the coming future.

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