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Drinks with IT

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Introducing Drinks with IT, a new series of episodes where an IT professional guest stars on the podcast, we crack open a cold one and let the conversation flow naturally. Our goal with these chats is to let you be a fly on the wall during our conversation so you can get an idea of the types of things IT professionals talk and care about.

In this first episode of Drinks with IT, we had Bob Mohr join us. Here are some things we talked about!

  • Ballmer Peak ⇨ There is a certain point of alcohol intake that increases productivity and allows for maximum brain awareness.

  • Hiking and all physical activity ⇨ IT professionals and not the most active. We generally hang out in the deep, dark sections of businesses, take the elevator and steer clear of excessive physical activity. There are exceptions to this; you know who you are.

  • Caffeine consumption ⇨ Every IT professional has their go-to 2 a.m. drink that helps accomplish the tasks at hand. We each have our vices, and we are sticking to them.

  • Video games ⇨ Video games have become more mainstream, but in the past, playing video games was not the cool thing to do. However, it did help people get into the IT world and created curiosity for the mechanics and backside of the games.

  • Esports ⇨ COVID-19 brought even more love for this already popular digital sports platform. When sports weren’t being played, Esports became the main source of entertainment.

We loved chatting with Bob about these topics and more! Listen to this week’s episode of Humanize IT to get the full conversation.

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