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End of Podcast Season One

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Season one is wrapping up, and what a year it has been!

There have been so many wins this first year, and we are so excited for what the next season has in store.

Speaking of season two, starting next week, we will be implementing a new structure in order to be more predictable and provide more framework to our episode schedule in order to be more impactful for you, our loyal listener!

This new framework will have a consistent schedule that will include the following types of episodes:

  • Drinks with IT - We will be joined by a guest speaker in the IT industry to drink and talk about what is going on in the IT world or what is going on in their business.

  • Tech Talk - This is our week to discuss all things tech! This includes what is coming up and how technology is affecting the business world.

  • Freestyle - Discussion will be random and based on any topic that we find interesting! This episode will be very similar to how this first season has been formatted, with lots of different topics that don’t necessarily fit into a category.

Get excited about the new Humanize IT format, which will hopefully lend for even more structure and fun conversations based on what you want to hear. This means with season two, we will be having a more informal feel and more directed topics based on the data that we’ve received during season one.

We loved season one, and we had so many wins within our first year! We had the opportunity to engage with business leaders in a technology mindset, which is the reason we are doing our podcast in the first place. We are excited about the chance to do even more of this in the next season.

We truly believe this next season of Humanize IT is going to be great, and we are ready to continue helping service providers engage with their customers so their business gets even better. We also want to continue our focus on what technology can do for you and your business and not just what tech can do in general.

It’s been a fun ride so far, and we are looking forward to next week when you tune in and get to hear the new format!

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