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Have You Tried Rebooting?

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In the second episode of our “Year in Review'' series, Adam and Skip are pouring another drink to reflect on the few months of 2020 that will forever live on as some of the most chaotic, trying and unpredictable months our country has ever endured. Yep, you guessed it — April, May and June. These times were just about as crazy as it can get in the U.S. without entering into some sort of Civil War or complete economic meltdown.

So, looking back, how did it escalate, how did we adapt and what did we learn as a result of the madness from a business perspective?

How It Started

By April, sports, schools, businesses and most major events were already cancelled. We knew COVID was a big deal by now, but what we didn’t know was just how complex this was or how long it would last. As we watched Italy shut down and realized we were next in line, many optimistically believed this would all be over in a few weeks.

Regardless of our projections for the rest of the year, everyone was scrambling. We were forced to adapt to half-assembled home offices with uncomfortable chairs, single monitors, and possibly even a few quarantined kids running around during our Zoom calls.

But the universe decided that wasn’t enough for Quarter 2, because then came the protests. From lockdown protestors, to counter-lockdown protestors, to BLM protestors, everyone took to the streets (hopefully while wearing masks) to fight for their causes.

As a result of all this, the vast majority of Americans were left feeling anxious, hopeless, unprepared, shocked, uneasy… you know all the feelings, because you lived them. In Adam’s words, it was like “watching a dumpster fire and getting thrown into it.” The lifestyles people knew and loved did a 180. It was an adjustment period like no other, where adaptability became our most important character trait.

And the importance of being adaptable didn’t stop with the individual. Organizations needed to measure their flexibility at every level, from the entire company’s transition process to each employee’s work-from-home setup. Not to mention, business people everywhere were concerned about what would happen to the whole country’s economy as a result of not only the pandemic, but also the social strife that followed.

The IT professional in Adam and Skip wondered: “Have we tried turning this year on and off again?” Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as performing a worldwide reboot. But the good news is, we all powered through.

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