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Intro to the Cloud: What Does this Mean Today?

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You’ve learned how we have evolved from an old, clunky version of the cloud into what it is today, but what does that actually mean for us, and how does this system help?

We used to do things by hand, but nowadays, there is an app for everything. All you have to do to solve most of your seemingly time consuming technological problems is subscribe to a system and have all the work done for you. This is the cloud at work, making big things take very little time and effort for the user.

Think about a car. You go to a car lot and pick out a model that has capabilities, power and comfort that you like, and you buy it. It may have a few aspects that you would change, but it is so much easier to buy a pre-made car than building your own. It’s the same with the cloud. There are pre-made systems and organizations in place and it is so much easier to choose one of those systems than make your own from scratch. It might not be perfect, but it will save a lot of time and energy and benefit you in the long run.

The cloud saves you from having to spend hours and hours organizing and arranging data and protocols into a computer. So much of the cloud happens in the background. This means that you can simply go about your day, and the cloud works to free up time and energy for activities you actually want to do.

One of these time saving systems that the cloud created is photo storage. If you have an insane amount of pictures and don’t want to sort all of them, the cloud solves this situation with facial recognition and the ability to tag people. Finding your pictures has never been easier; all you need to do is look it up!

Another cool feature that the cloud controls is smart things, which are light bulbs and internal home controls that are wifi enabled. This allows you to easily turn your home into a smart home just by plugging in and pairing up an app on your phone. What used to take technical skills and a knowledge of coding now can be done by anyone with a smartphone.

The main question to ask yourself when thinking about the cloud is what in your life can you outsource? What things are you doing that the cloud could help with and allow you time and attention elsewhere? That is the beauty of the cloud. With so many factors and abilities, there is some way that the cloud can help you today–whether it’s big or small. Don’t think of this as new technological systems you have to follow. Think of what things are cluttering your life and if you could outsource it to the cloud to make your life easier.

Now there is a drawback to the cloud and that is how much information is being collected and used to send you targeted ads. I’m sure you have looked something up one time and then received ads for it for weeks following. This is because data becomes available to use and distribute for marketing purposes. Although this is an annoyance and can cause a bit of uneasiness, the benefits of the cloud far outweigh the few creepy factors.

Learn more about whether the cloud is safe or not in next week’s episode!

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