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Is IT Necessary

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Now that everything is being outsourced through the cloud, is an IT professional even necessary?

The quick answer is yes. But, the IT role as we have always seen it is going away. With that, the typical IT staff position is going to change. Why is this position still relevant and important?

Think about your IT professional as an advisor. They are there to help you understand the bridge between technology resources and the goals of your business. You have people that you go to for advice on lots of different topics, so why not bring your concerns or technological questions to an IT professional for advice.

Now, just because your company may have an IT department or an MSP that can assist your business, does not mean that you don’t have personal responsibility to your company’s data security. It is important that people understand that, just because you may not be directly in charge of securing data, does not mean that you should ignore the technological side of things completely. Trust your MSP, but make sure that they have all the skills that your company needs in order to be secure.

There is a tendency for technical people to want to do everything themselves. One thing that is very important to understand is that, even if you love your IT professional, they might not have all the specialization or skills to do every single task that is being asked of them. Sit down with them and have a conversation about outsourcing different tasks that might be out of their realm of expertise, and let them know that it is for everyone’s benefit to have the best skills on certain jobs.

If you do outsource certain aspects of the technological side of your business, don’t hide that! People want to know that people who are specialized and trained in specific areas are in charge of their data and personal, important information.

For small business owners, you may think that this information does not pertain to you. But it does! It is very important for your business to have an information or security specialist on the team that can advise and assist in situations of uncertainty in the technological world. This can be a close friend or someone who has specialization in the areas that you might need. The best thing to do is simply ask what your business might need, and start from there.

There are probably a lot of things that you have learned about your business throughout your time of employment. You didn’t know those things from the very start, but it simply took time to learn and initiate certain things to make your work more efficient and streamlined. IT is sort of like that. You are not going to understand or know exactly what your company needs IT wise from the very start, but getting information and spending time learning will help you in the long run.

The main solution to any IT problem is being informed, and an IT professional can help in this department. You can’t make decisions without good information, and a specialist in the IT field will help you make the best decisions for your business.

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