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Is Technology Advancement Predictable?

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Early on, technology investment was exhausting and things would become obsolete very quickly. This created a hesitancy to invest in technology because people were scared to waste their money on something that would become upgraded and outdated so soon after.

This is not the case anymore.

Technology is still advancing, but much slower than in the past. The slowing of technology’s pace is going to accelerate our real understanding of technology and stop the idea of buying technology for technology’s sake. This understanding will help identify the benefits of the technology that your business is buying and better align the it with the needs that you are trying to meet.

Now, you might be asking yourself: Is technology advancement predictable? And if so, how do I go about predicting what my business might need a few years from now?

The quick answer is yes, technology is predictable. Here are the best ways to use that predictability to benefit your business.

First, ask yourself what problems you want to solve with your business and what you want technology to do for your business. Then, give your business road map to an IT professional and talk through your goals with them. This IT professional will look at your business plan and help you figure out what technology will best take care of your business needs. They will have an understanding of what technology advancements will be taking place and how those advancements can help your business get ahead.

What used to be a mad dash to buy the newest and most cutting edge technology is now a more methodical and thought through process. You still need an ongoing process to keep you and your business sharp, and the more you align technology and business together, the more value and drive your company will have.

Keep in mind that even if you have an idea of what technology your business will need to implement for the future, it is also smart to use your current technology more intelligently and to its full capabilities instead of wishing for newer and faster systems. What you have now will be here for a while since technology is changing less quickly, so learning how to get the most out of your systems is key.

If you do talk to an IT professional about your business goals and learn what best to implement for the future, your business is going to be way more successful than competitors because they will all be playing it safe as you are coming up with solutions that can take you to the next level.

Keep coming back for more episodes as this is the start of a brand new series about frequently asked questions and how to answer them!

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