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Is the Cloud Safe?


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You know how the cloud came to be and how it applies to you today, but you might be asking yourself one major question: Is the cloud safe?

This is the question that may be keeping you from trusting the cloud. Can you trust the cloud to protect your personal information from malware and, if not, how can you recover or react to your computer being hacked? This episode dives into all those questions and more!

Largely the cloud is safe, but there are always exceptions. You have to be diligent in making sure that your security systems for your network are working and not easily hacked. It’s as safe as the old server that your company most likely had previously, but now the information can be more easily discovered. Look at it like this.

Everything used to be on paper in drawers and filing cabinets. Now we have a digitized system that works the same way, but your information is loaded on a big truck and driven to a six-lane highway where lots of people can drive by. So now you have to be very careful with how you lock down and backup personal data.

One major problem is that the average discovery of exploitation is 200 days, which means that hackers can do a lot of damage in that amount of time. It does not take very long for a hacker to look at your financial records or credit card information. If a computer system is hacked, the hacker can use the system for whatever they would like without the user even knowing.

You might be thinking to yourself: I don’t have any high-end intellectual content on my computer? Why would a hacker want to try to get into my computer?

Even if you don’t have any information that you feel would be sought after, if you have a bank account of any kind, then you immediately become a target.

Now, don’t stress out! There are ways to keep your computer from being tapped into.

Create a two-factor authentication program for your files and personal information. If you only have a password, that can be taken and used very easily. If you do only have a password, switch it up every so often and don’t have the same login for every single account or system. Lastly, have an offsite and offline backup where all of your company’s documents, records and data can be held in case your system gets hacked and erased. If you do these things and always have a back up plan for your data, then you shouldn’t worry too much about the cloud being unsafe.

The internet is one giant, bad neighborhood, and the cloud is a gated community. It is there to keep you safe and secure if you take the correct precautionary measures.

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