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Listen: Humanize IT Podcast Blog Ep 134

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One of the industries hit hardest by the pandemic this year was the food industry. Restaurant owners not only had to deal with health regulation curveballs, but also the ongoing evolution of consumer confidence and demands. Laurie Fraser from Doorstep Diner shared with us how bad jokes and optimism were the keys to helping her restaurant and catering businesses navigate 2020’s treacherous waters. If you’re someone who cares deeply about your local eating scene, then this episode of Humanize IT is a must for you!

Unfortunately, in order for many restaurants to survive this brutal year, they needed to find new ways of reaching and serving their patrons. This included updating messaging, utilizing more digital and contactless systems, committing to previously unexplored tactics, and discovering specifically what it is that gets engagement with your audience. In a tough year like 2020, Laurie Fraser tells us the key for her was an enhanced social media effort focused around routine optimism, positivity, and bad jokes at 8 p.m.

As technology professionals, we try to find ways to improve the way businesses operate. Are our ideas always listened to and picked up on? No. Techies tend to love throwing data and ideas at our clients. Instead, the goal first and foremost should be to learn about your clients’ wants and needs. How do they see the industry? What are they struggling with? What’s working really well? By having a genuine conversation and exploring these topics organically, you can uncover deeper insights that will lead you to success.

For Laurie Fraser, the insights she picked up on by keeping a constant pulse on her market were consumer buying patterns. She explained how at first, she saw a boom in business when there was a sudden spike in demand for large, family-style curbside meals. However, when restaurants could open back up and the weather got colder, buying patterns shifted again. Fraser also told us that one of the biggest realizations she had throughout the pandemic was how much you have to know, trust, and listen to your market.

Ultimately, in order to be a business that not just survives, but thrives, you have to meet your customers’ needs at places and times others can’t. Of course, this may or may not come with significant trial and error. But, by making a commitment to your audience and adapting through the ever-changing market the pandemic has brought, you can find ways to overcome new challenges and provide for your clients and customers. Thank you again to Laurie Fraser for joining us on episode 134!

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