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  • Adam Walter

Pyros and IT

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If you’re an IT professional and have experienced a fire, then you know the effects of heat on technology; and chances are, you most likely have experienced a computer or system fire.

With the fear of fire taking down an entire data center of set of software, IT professionals have many methods for keeping disaster at bay. Obviously, you can’t use water, so other methods have to be used.

Data systems have specific fire suppression like gases that displace oxygen. So, when there is a fire, the gases will act as a sponge to any oxygen that would make the fire bigger. This is one of the most common methods and is used in lots of larger data centers.

There are expensive methods like certain machines that will automatically destroy old hard drives by manipulating and switching the data. You can also manually stop the destruction by snipping the right wires.

Now, you might now think of IT professionals and pyros in the same thought bubble, but trust us; fire is the best method to get rid of old hard drives.

Technology is created to take a hit, but fire really does the trick when you’re ready to break down old hard drive platters and erase your data. Since hard disks are made from aluminum, they melt really nicely. So, if you’re really looking to permanently and quickly get rid of your old technology, find a pyro and have them take care of it.

When you think about it, computers are run by fire and IT professionals love to burn things.

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