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Sales… What Sales?

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When you hear the word sales, you might only think of the tricky car salesman that you’ve had issues with in the past. But, this is a bad representation of what sales really is.

The topic of sales is very polarizing, especially when talking to people who have been in sales positions before or have had experience with a salesperson. But, the best salespeople care about you and what you want when making a purchasing decision.

You might be wondering why we are talking about sales on our platform, but it is a super important topic. It is also not mentioned very often in the IT world, but it should be. Without the sales section of any business, it doesn’t matter what you are providing for people because no one will be marketing your product. This puts sales at top priority when looking at your company.

Sales is all about storytelling. If you can tell people a story with your product, while really caring about the person you are selling to, then you will really get the most out of your sales.

The next question you might be wondering about is, if sales are so important, how do you empower your sales team to do their best work?

The biggest thing is to first, make sure the product you are selling or putting out in the world is worthy of being sold. Your sales staff will have no issues selling a product that people can actually see in their lives and made with high quality. Next, it is super important to talk to your sales staff about your product in a way that actually makes sense so they can turn around and talk to people in an everyday type of way. If you are confusing your sales staff, then you will be confusing your customers in return.

For business owners, it is really important to remember that growth comes from putting yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to learn and take risks. Obviously, those risks need to be calculated in order to keep your business thriving, but you must make decisions that allows space to grow and learn.

This ability to make a decision that might make you uncomfortable is what sets apart an okay salesperson and a great salesperson, meaning it will also ultimately help your business.

Another thing to keep in mind is that trial and error is a part of sales and a part of growth. It takes time and practice to really see how the market is going to respond to your product or service. It might not be perfect with upward growth right away.

Adapt and learn about what people care about, which will enable your team to deliver products that people care about and will let your sales team easily sell your products to consumers.

The bottom line is, sales is human-focused. Humanize your sales even more by keeping focus on who you are selling to.

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