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Tech Problems of the Past

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The IT world has changed and that means that the traditional roles of an IT position are no longer simply focused on fixing technological problems. It is now so much more, and that is a good thing.

IT staff used to take a long time to get on certain items because they did not always know the urgency of the problem at hand or they did not have a need to understand the business as a whole. They saw their job as simply coming in and putting out fires for people. They were also looked as the smartest person in the room and maybe even looked at as a know-it-all.

Traditional IT does not care about your business. They only care about computers. But this job description does not cover the job anymore. IT professionals now have a much more broad definition of what their time is spent doing.

Today, there is a wide difference between traditional IT guys and modern IT guys because they are starting to align with business. Business managers and account people are now working closely with the IT people, making it possible to bridge the gap between business and IT professionals with open conversation. With this new style of IT that has risen up, you see that people care more and want to help the business succeed.

IT professionals now care to know what your business does, the risks and challenges that your company faces and they understand the important parts of your business.

It’s important for IT professionals to listen. Quiz your IT staff about deadlines coming up for the business and make sure they know what is going on internally and externally for the business. When everyone is on the same page, then everyone will be willing to work together to accomplish the goals that your company is trying to accomplish.

Business professionals, let your IT staff be a part of the conversation. Include them in business meetings and hear their input about how things can function as best as possible. The next generation of IT is caring about the business and noticing things that could potentially make the business better. The IT person’s job is not just to make your PC work. It is also to solve problems and create better systems of work.

It’s also important to know that your IT person is not going to know everything, and that’s okay. It is much better to have someone who aligns with exactly what your business needs. Have genuine conversations and learn what that looks like for your company.

The IT job has changed and that means focusing more on interactions. This does not mean that you have to be a social butterfly. You just need to be able to listen more closely to what is driving your business and what is trying to be accomplished.

Old IT was technology focused and all about implementation and run-time for technology. New IT is about business solutions and servicing. To figure out where your focus is ask yourself if you are business focused and solving business problems, because focusing solely on technology is simply not enough.

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