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Are you more productive in the office or at home? Penny from H.O.M.E. (Home Office Made Easy) returns to the podcast to discuss how she’s helping clients turn their home offices into professional environments where they can be most productive. She describes the ways bad ergonomics can play a major role in creating work fatigue and other insights that are often overlooked. Don’t miss out on this conversation!

To put it simply - you can’t take any shortcuts when your work environment becomes your home environment. Instead, you should be asking yourself: are my chair and desk at a comfortable height? Am I hunched over when I work? Do I need another monitor to better visualize my work?

This pandemic is revealing just how much we need to reevaluate our work-life balance, especially when you are working from home. Based on how things are playing out and developing, it’s smart to assume not everyone will be returning to the office. Many companies are discovering the benefits to working from home. If you desire to create a home office environment where your productivity can flourish, then consider consulting a professional.

Work offices are typically designed with ergonomics, comfort, and capability in mind. However, your dinner table was probably chosen based on aesthetic. This means it probably isn’t a good long-term solution for a home office.

Adam explains how likely we are to invest in our looks to appear more professional and representable (car, clothes, jewelry, etc.), but all of that can become irrelevant in a virtual setting if your webcam doesn’t work. Audio quality plays a key part in having a pleasant and productive meeting. Furthermore, a solid pair of noise-canceling headphones can create all the difference in cutting out any distractions that may be in your environment.

Of course, optimizing your home office setup to maximize productivity is no easy task. Like any investment, there is an upfront cost, but there is also a huge return that awaits you when you invest in your home office. We’re thankful to have Penny back on the podcast to share her knowledge and insight on this subject.

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