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The Season of Tech

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In the business world, there are specific holidays that are very important. Well, there are important, busy seasons in the IT world as well!

Fall break, Spring break and Christmas break are the busiest times for IT staff. These are the times that IT professionals plan projects and get things done because people are generally out of the office. It’s not that IT professionals don’t like people, it is just much easier to get technology updates and projects done without interfering with business or having people interrupt.

People assume that IT things have happened by magic while they were gone, which is why IT guys generally fly under the radar. You don’t always see what they do because they have gotten things done during times and seasons when people are on vacation or not around to notice what they are working on. IT professionals do that on purpose!

There is a different time cadence and schedule for IT professionals. Change windows are seasons when IT will be changed or updated and change freezes are seasons that IT cannot change due to the season that their business is in.

Ask your IT professional when their change windows are. These seasons are very important for IT professionals, and they will take to heart the fact that you asked what their schedules look like. It is also important to educate your IT staff on the seasons that your business has. If both you and your IT staff understand the business’s schedule as well as the change windows, then these schedules can work together in order to make everyone’s lives easier.

You have to be aware that some seasons bring lots of dramatic change.

Look at a school for example. During the school year, any time during the day is a change freeze because students use the technology and teachers need things to run smoothly. But, during the Summer, IT professionals do the grunt of their updating and changing because no one is at the school or in need of consistent technology. These are great examples of both change and freeze windows.

It is also important for you to be cognisant of the busiest seasons for IT professionals.

The night before a change window is going to be busy. The night before a big push is also going to be busy. The week before or the day after a holiday are big days.

IT professionals generally work within three phases: plan, build and run.

Generally, IT professionals don’t have a lot of time to plan or think ahead for the year and do most of that phase on the fly. If you let people know when their change freeze is, then they will be able to do all their planning during that time. This will help your IT staff relax and think more about what they are doing. It will also benefit your business as a whole.

Practicing all of this ultimately creates conversations that humanize the IT in your business so that you can all work together.

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