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  • Adam Walter

The Unseen Worker

Listen: Humanize IT Podcast Episode 112

Every business has workers who keep things moving behind the scenes. From accountants to engineers, these folks work day in and day out to support the company. The less you hear

about them, the better they're doing their job. Whether you’re one of these workers or you

oversee them, it’s time to make out-of-sight employees feel more appreciated and worthwhile.

IT Behind the Scenes

As IT professionals ourselves, we’re used to flying under the radar. We’re expected to do things the right way, but our efforts are only noticeable the very few times they go wrong. We’ll give you seamless technology and communication for years on end, but if the WiFi goes down for 15 minutes, the IT team is automatically seen as incompetent. Talk about pressure!

On a similar note, one misplaced cable can have disastrous effects. With a slip of a finger, you could take down an entire company. The higher level engineer you are, the more control you have over this. Companies can also quickly go out of business by not following best practice scenarios, not having a multi-factor in place or by having someone else own their system. Technology is fragile, and it takes great skill to manage, especially on a wide scale. So, be sure to emphasize all the good your IT staff does rather than only focus on their occasional errors.

Beyond IT

Aside from IT, workplaces have other under-appreciated people that make their business go

‘round. Maintenance people are a great example. We take for granted having empty trash cans and clean floors every day, until the cleaners are gone. Once your trash stinks, your floors are dirty and you have to take care of it yourself, only then do you notice all the maintenance team’s hard work. Similarly, monthends may just magically appear for you, but the financial department has poured hours of their time behind the scenes into perfecting these reports.

How to Appreciate These Awesome People

In sum, unseen workers deserve more love than they get. It’s a tough gig to only be noticed

when something goes wrong. So, next time you see your IT worker, or your accountant, or your engineer, or your maintenance person, tell them thanks. It will instantly make their day.

CEOs — ask your tech professionals and other under-the-radar workers what they’re most

proud of accomplishing this week and celebrate their achievements accordingly.

IT Managers — step up and communicate the value of IT to the rest of the team. Go beyond

data and drive home the business impact, instead.

Everyone else — a little kindness goes a long way. Smile. Say thank you. And when something goes wrong, be patient with the people who work hard to serve you.

And finally, behind the scenes employees — know that you are appreciated!

Stay tuned for next week’s episode where Skip and Adam continue conversations to Humanize IT.

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