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  • Adam Walter

The year of tech, or network congestion?

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This year, you may see a major problem that has never been a situation before: network congestion.

Imagine a four-lane interstate that gets congested sometimes, but makes for a fairly quick trip to work. Now picture that this interstate gets replaced by a sixteen lane freeway and the same amount of cars are going to work. There is so much space on this freeway that congestion is never a problem. That is the way that the internet connection has been for the last ten years. Now, let’s say that the legal age to drive gets changed to eight years old. All of a sudden the roads are packed because the number of people driving gets quadrupled.

This is what is about to happen because technology is about to overwhelm our network stream, and the reason is a simple thing called live streaming.

If you have worked at home in the last year, you have used your own personal technological system or internet connection. If and when you return to work, along with other employees, your work place’s internet will be flooded with the amount of Zoom and video chat meetings. This is because, over the year 2020, people adapted to a hybrid system of communication that will most likely carry on into 2021.

I know what question you might have. How do you keep this from becoming too big of a problem to handle once this hybrid system of both in-person and remote work does become reality? The biggest thing you can do right now is to contact an IT professional for your business or work place and have a conversation about how to avoid overloading the system. Instead of putting out a fire when things start to burn, prevent a fire from ever happening in the first place.

Each business is unique, so each approach to preventing internet problems will be unique. Understand and focus on how your company will be using networks, and know that Zoom, video calls and livestreams will be used more than ever before.

Ultimately, you can make this transition easier for yourself and your workplace and ensure that the work environment and culture stays positive. There is no quick solution to connection problems, so start now.

Use this time to adapt to a new world and think ahead. Whether you are moving into a hybrid work environment or not, most people will be and you have to be prepared for what that will look like and how that will affect technology connection and speed. This could leverage your business for the better and make this next year sail smoothly.

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