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What is the next big thing?

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It’s impossible to truly know what technology will be the next big thing, but you can place your best bet.

When you look at where innovation comes from, the one thing most people could agree on is that technology is influenced heavily by entertainment. People love entertainment and any technology that pushes that realm forward.

Look at Blackberry vs. the iPhone. For the longest time, Blackberry was the dominant phone for business users. This all changed when iPhone came into play. This new phone had apps, games and things to do besides the typical call and texting capabilities. This kicked Blackberry to the curb while iPhone continues offering new entertainment, games and things to do.

Basically, whatever technology is entertaining or providing some form of entertainment is going to be the next big thing.

Let’s look at AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). From a business perspective, there are going to be virtual elements, but they will be much more specialized to the business world. This could include new ways to display information, infographics and diagrams or make working from home more interactive.

AR and VR are already introduced, but now the technology is able to support us and our way of doing business, especially with Covid making a work-from-home style essential. This also made the marketplace fast forward to better graphics and better hand-eye coordination.

Even with our best guesses, we don’t know what we don’t know and the future is a bit of a mystery. What we can do is be proactive about the things that we have right now.

Think about what your business could do if one more step was taken or one more technological advancement was made. If you aren’t spending intentional time looking at potential “what-ifs,” then you’re leaving a lot of possibilities on the table and really not doing the best by your business.

There is some really cool technology out there! What could your business do to capitalize on that technology?

You’re going to have to look at all your options and see what is going to empower your business and get you more in the long run. It’s not always the status quo!

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