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Member Performance Dashboard - FAQ

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Getting Started

  • How do I log in?

    You can use the login button on the top header or click this button

    Login to your Member Performance Dashboard


  • How do I access the MPD?
    After Login click the Academy Menu > My Assignments section. Then in the middle of the screen select Personal Reports. You must see an It Nation Member Performance Dashboard tile. If you cannot see that please use the chat for support.
  • How do I add/remove a new user?

    You can add/remove a new user by going into your account settings. 

    Click on company profile and add/remove them by their email under team.

Support Services


  • Are OML / PBM no longer available?
    For the 2019Q3 Meetings, the Operational Maturity Levels and the Predominant Business Model metrics are not available. These are coming back with the SLI integration on the 2019 Q4 Meetings
  • Are Group Accounts still available?
    Group Accounts are no longer available. Now you have full control over your data.
  • How can I get the same pdf like before?

    We do not use direct PDF printing as before. You can print out the Storyboard Report with the visible widgets. To make the MPD widget only visible just collapse all widgets in your MPD except the Member Performance Dashboard Widget. Then click Action Menu > Print. This will print out the MPD as it did before.


  • Who can see my MPD?

    We put a very high priority on confidence and security of your sensitive information.

    The MPDs can be viewed and edited only by the associated USER and the Connectwise MPD Administrators.
    A limited version of MPDs can be viewed by facilitators (MPD Widget + Scorecard Widgets) for presentation purposes.
    The MPDs are not visible by any other user inside the company account even when this user has administrative access.

    If a member shares the report to somebody else by the tokenized link, that person will have a read-only access limited by the opened widgets.

  • How do I print, download or share?

    You are able to select the widgets you want to print, share or download within the MPD

    First, hide all widgets by hovering on any widget header and click the eye icon and choose to Hide All Widgets

    Second, unhide widgets one-by-one by clicking the widget you want to make visible

    Third, use the Action menu at the top right upper corner of the MPD to Share URL, Print or Download as a PDF. 


    *** You can also print the MPD one pager in landscape format from the MPD one pager itself. The print icon is located in the upper right hand corner.

  • How to send Family/Spouse and Leadership (Manager/Employee) Assessments

    Click the Share button on the Family/Spouse and Leadership (Manager/Employee) Assessment Widget to copy the share link to your clipboard

    Paste the link to emails and send it to your family members and to your team

    10 assessments can be submitted

    The tool sends you emails when submissions are received

  • How To Embed 3rd Party Applications to Content Widgets

    The goal of the free text widget type is to let you include custom content in your report.


    • Meeting notes, agenda items, scripts or guides to help the facilitators manage the report
    • Interview questions to collect information while reviewing the report or prior
    • Checklist for team members to complete the different parts of the report
    • Embedding 3rd party applications like Office365 Word/Excel/Powerpoint, Lucidchart, Google Documents
    • Include web-based pictures as illustrations or supporting documents

    How to embed third-party applications:

    We allow you to embed third-party applications into your report. This way you are able to use the report as a document hub and link together different online tools to enhance your client communication and engagement activities. 

    • Make sure the embedding code is the iFrame format, we do not support javascript or any other types of embedding
    • Switch the editor to CODE VIEW with the </> button
    • Paste your code into the editor and switch back
    • When you print out the report, the embedded document will be printed as it seen on screen

    If when you embed code it does not display, please let us know in the chat. It's possible we do not yet support that application but we can help troubleshoot it and add that support with your help.