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QBR: Strategic Business Review

QBR Template: Strategic Business Review

Your clients have defined goals for their business. Once those business goals are understood, an MSP can align solutions to help the client succeed. This resource will help you develop a strategy to best help your clients.

QBR: Infrastructure Assessment

QBR Template: Infrastructure Assessment

Before you can lead your clients, you must understand where they are on their technology journey. This assessment isn’t just about parts and licensing; it’s about learning what solutions will meet their needs.

QBR: IT Services Assessment

QBR Template: IT Services Assessment

Your clients want to receive value from the technology they invest in. Focus on using solutions that will help their organization and apply the technology that they already have by using this assessment.

QBR: NIST Cyber Security Overview

QBR Template: NIST Cyber Security Overview

Communication is an important aspect of client relationships. This assessment allows MSPs to help their clients understand their current risk level and align with their business needs.


QBR Discussion Points Checklist

Are your clients being over or under-serviced? Understand how your vCIO and Account Management team can maximize their productivity.


2 Questions for QBR

In order to be the most effective solution for your clients, you have to understand what is most important to them. Focus on these two questions to become a partner that can help them reach their goals.


Executive QBR Power Question

Are your clients being over or under-serviced? Understand how your vCIO and Account Management team can maximize their productivity.


Annual Strategic Report

You can’t just say you are strategic—you have to prove it. By providing an annual report, MSPs can provide details of specific activities and set expectations to show value and collaborate efficiently.

QBR Time Calculator

QBR Time Calculator

Does your MSP waste time with useless spreadsheets? Control your entire sales, vCIO and account management team’s performance and meet your various clients’ goal-setting expectations.

Remote QBR Checklist

Remote QBR Checklist

Does your MSP pay attention to the right client? Target clients based on their behavior and potential, and determine how to keep them engaged and improve retention.

Learn everything you need to use Humanize IT to run world class client review meetings or QBRs

What Is a Quarterly Business Review (QBR)?

Since many of your clients’ decision makers don't actively play a role in day-to-day IT operations, they're often oblivious to the MSP's performance, hard work and value delivered. A Quarterly Business Review meeting is the single most important opportunity for MSPs to generate genuine conversation, demonstrate value, clearly discuss business priorities and expand their services.


What Is the Client Engagement Challenge With QBRs?

Without creating regular business-focused touchpoints with clients, it is hard to keep them engaged and open to:

  • development proposals
  • technology as an investment rather than a cost
  • adopting your technology stack so it is easier to deliver high-level services

The real question is not about how to solve daily client issues, but how to hold effective and relevant conversations with them. The root problem is that all of those topics must be covered with all clients regularly in a very precise and concise time frame.

If an HIT misses any of those conversations with a client, the missed QBRs will start to build up account management debt. More account management debt means less engagement, higher risk and lower profitability with a client.

How to Simplify QBRs?

Humanize IT's mission is to give you a comprehensive step-by-step approach and the tools to take your QBR to the next level. The more strategic approach for client engagement is solving the root problem. The MSP defines all the possible topics to cover with the various audiences of the client. The MSP sets the general priorities of introducing a process for the given communication need, and also specifies the system to be able to cover topics with clients over a yearly period in client-specific QBRs.


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