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Each quarter is dedicated to one of our 4 pillars.  These are divided up in order to maximize effectiveness, align with annual activities all while minimizing the impact on your teams.

First Quarter: Architecture


Week 1: Beginning of the calendar fiscal year.

<No update in 2023 this week>

  • 2023 Is going to be a busy year with the recession
  • Change your fiscal Narrative to help your clients
  • Announcing the 2023 roadmap

Week 2: Assess, Recommend, Budget, Roadmap

2022 Roadmapping

  • Event Calendar breakdown, what activities to focus on.
  • What are client expectations this year?
  • What action items can you take to be successful this year?

Week 3: Beginning Stakeholder interviews

  • These may be the biggest tool you have for
    • Revenue generation
    • Client retention
    • Profitability

Week 4: Architecture Audits 

2022 Architecture Audits

  • Tips and tricks to make the process more efficient.
  • Defining your high level stack
  • Where to focus to get the best experience...
    • ...spoiler alert...it is projects!

Week 1: Architecture Audits Continued

2022 Architecture Audits Continued

  • Deep dive of the architecture report
  • Drive your projects with proper audit proceedures
  • Increase your perceived value by moving the needle!

Week 2: Architecture Audits Integrate with Dashboard

2022 Architecture Audits: Integrate with Dashboard

  • Using the dashboard to win over clients
  • How to sell your projects as a competitive advantage to customers
  • Build trust with a customer journey


Week 3: New Release Overview

2022: Architecture Audits Integrate Stakeholder data

How to use the new home screens to:

  • Save time
  • Increase customer stickiness
  • Generate revenue
  • Close opportunities faster.

Week 4:Architecture Audits: Recommendations

2022 Architecture Audits: Recommendations

  • Decrease time to decision
  • Increase customer buy-in
  • Understand the mindset of your customer

Week 1: Next Level QBRs! (Part 1)

2022 QBR! Meet with Customers to plan Q2 activities (Part 1)

  • Out with the old QBR in with Strategic Alignment
  • How to differentiate yourself with dashboards
  • Build scenarios to show context

Week 2:Next Level QBRs (Part 2)

2022: QBR! Meet with Customers to plan Q2 activities (Part 2)

  • Upgrade the content of your meetings
  • How to talk about the coming quarter


Week 3: Quoting vs Proposing for dummies

2022 Quotes R Us

  • An overview of the Proposal Tool
  • How to use all your work to fuel the proposal
  • The Value of Soft Selling


Week 4: Quarter 1 Summary, Q2 Roadmap

2022 Quarter 1 Summary, Q2 Roadmap

  • MILESTONE: End of quarter 1.
  • What to do when you are behind.
  • How to wrap up Q1 activites in the tool (Snapshots)

Week 5: Bonus Session

2022 Q1 Review, Q2 Roadmap (Bonus Session)

Second Quarter: Service


Week 1: Education Focused MSPs...now is the time!

2022 Schedule action items for Educational Institutions

  • Grants...why you need to know them
  • Summer change windows
  • School Administrator mindset...it isnt like a CEO...completely

Week 2: Gov't Focused MSPs...your time has arrived too!

2022 Begin Annual Workshops for Fiscal Year Budget cycle customers

  • Who should you invite to a budget workshop?
  • What are the key activities for a budget workshop.
  • How will a budget workshop increase your client success?
  • How does the managed Humanize IT tool fit into a budget workshop?

Week 3: Stop Wasting time! Classify your clients...Easy as A, B, C

2022 Classify A, B, C

  • How to classify your clients
  • How to match up appropriate services
  • How alignment will increase perceived value!
  • How to use the tool to deliver services to client levels and save time! (eg. using playbooks, CES and donuts)

Week 4: How Service Audits add context

2022 Service Audits

  • How to use the built in service audits.
  • How to use the April action item to align customer services.
  • A smidge on pre-sales of services to increase perceived value

Week 5: Bonus Session (TBD)

2022 we talked through the new software roadmap which is finished now! Assess, Reccomend, Budget, Deliver

  • No recording

Week 1: Service Audits: Delivery Alignment

2022 Education Service Audits

  • How to generate profits with service audits.
    • Why are your focused on hardware/software?
  • How to spread out the project load to take advantage of summer
  • How to align delivery with your project teams to reduce stress.

Week 2: How to build healthy work-life balance

2022 Provisioning Employees

        • Using Roadmaps to provision Employees
        • What is an Employer of Choice and how do I become one?
      • How to put the right people in the right seats.

Week 3: Use Service Gap Analysis to prove your worth

2022: Gap analysis

  • How to Audit Customer Gaps (Service Stack)
  • How to align with your customer's gaps
  • How to Deliver Quality Solutions that your client wants

Week 4: Add context to your recommendations

2022 Integrate with QBR

  • Create "Friendly" names for projects
  • Add in business need to your pojects
  • Ensure that you are talking with your client rather than at them

Week 1: Q2 Review Q3 Planning

2022 QBR! Meet with Customers to plan Q3 activities

  • Q2: What went well, what could go better?
  • How to increase perceived value through Service Delivery
  • What does Q3 look like?

Week 2: Set Expectations

2022 Project Planning and Delivery

  • How do you set expectations appropriately?
  • How does the tool help?
  • What do we mean by top down planning and delivery?
  • NOTE: This will be a key differentiator for your MSP

Week 3: Ticket Review and SLAs

  • Why it is easy to get addicted to ticket KPIs
  • Why SLAs are almost always mismanaged
  • How to change your mindset, and decrease your overhead.

Week 4: Project maps

  • Tactical vs Strategic Project planning.
  • Using Project Roadmaps to manage the battlefield
  • How to get out of the way of your engineers, while freeing up their time.

Week 5: Next Level Service Delivery

  • How to deliver next level service
  • How to speak your clien'ts language
  • How to identify and prioritize services

Third Quarter: Risk


Week 1: Intro to the Risk Pillar

  • What is Risk? (Are you certain you know?)
  • How do talk about Risk
  • What the biggest mistakes MSPs make when assessing clients.

Week 2: Sell Risk audits using project proposals

  • How to use project proposals to sell Risk Audits
  • How much should I charge for a NIST Overview?
  • Tips and tricks to get buyin from your clients so they see the value.

Week 3: Use the NIST report to focus on specific areas.

  • How to read the nice overview report
  • How to monitize NIST assessments
  • How to use controls to push projects

Week 4: Cadence

  • How to start a cadence today!
  • How a cadence increases your revenue immediately
  • How a cadence will put you ahead in your market year over year.

Week 1: Client Touchpoint Alerting

  • Why do touchpoints get missded so often?
  • How touchpoints generate revenue
  • How to use touchpoint alerting with the tool

Week 2: Risk Audits: Why Control Families Keep You Secure

  • What are Control Families
  • How do they keep us secure
  • How do they drive profits!

Week 3: Risk Audits: How Control Families Increase Confidence

  • You NEED to learn compliance basics
  • A small history lesson.
  • Confidence = Shorter Sales Cycle
Week 4: Risk Audits: Be secure, be certain, be confident.

Week 1: 4TH QUARTER WARNING! Start building strategy for 2023!

  • Here is the journey we will take you on in 2023, 
  • Here is how much it will cost,
  • How it will build your business"

Week 2: Strategy meets Budgets, be an example for customers.

  • How to create a proposal for budget
  • How to use the new asset management tool for planning budgets
  • A sneak peek at the new budgeting tool!

Week 3: Meet with Customers to plan Q4 activities

  • What should a Q4 QBR look like
  • How to combine Q4 QBRs and Annual reviews
  • A list of DO NOT DO THIS in a Q4 QBR.

Week 4: Asset Management

  • What should a Q4 QBR look like
  • How to combine Q4 QBRs and Annual reviews
  • A list of DO NOT DO THIS in a Q4 QBR.

Fourth Quarter: Strategy

October (Cyber Security Month)

Week 1: (FISCAL YEAR BEGIN) Running Annual Strategy Sessions

  • How to deal with Gov't clients
  • How are annual review sessions different than QBRs
  • How to maximize delivery this month!

Week 2: Continuing Stakeholder interviews (We told you in January we would hit these again)

  • What are Stakeholder interviews
  • Why this results in cash for you immediately
  • What are the RIGHT questions?...(you already have them FYI)

Week 3: Get your MSP 'unstuck'

  • How to avoid getting operationally stuck.
  • The difference between operational and strategic planning.
  • How to increase profits with an appropriate vision.

Week 4: Strategic QBRs

  • Strategic vs Tactical (again)
  • Using the vCIO dashboard to deliver true Strategy
  • Using the new project roadmap to deliver true strategy.


Live From IT Nation Connect 2022

Week 2: End of year activities

  • End-of-year quick proposals (not quotes)
  • Snapshotting the end of year, starting a new year
  • Build customer Trust with Roadmaps
Week 3: Thanksgiving NO UPDATE

Week 1: Christmas Month!

  • Dos and Don't of the holiday season
  • How to de-stress prior to Q1
  • 2023 road mapping etiquette

Week 2: A Few Last Minute Tricks

  • Cadence and Planning = Profit and Client Confidence
    • Using proposals to increase client confidence
    • Profitability win-win: Trade hardware for service
  • Client Christmas gift ideas

Week 3: Thats a Wrap! (Bonus Session)

Week 4: BREAK (Merry Christmas)



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