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Live Stream and On-Demand!

Weekly advice on Client Engagement

Each quarter is dedicated to one of our 4 pillars.  These are divided up in order to maximize effectiveness, align with annual activities all while minimizing the impact on your teams so you don't fall behind. 

We have been doing these for a while, so click on the title for the week to see the previous live streams on that topic.

First Quarter: Architecture


Week 1: A New Hope

  • 2023 Is going to be a busy year with the recession
  • Change your fiscal Narrative to help your clients
  • Announcing the 2023 roadmap

Week 2: Assess, Recommend, Budget, Roadmap

  • Event Calendar breakdown, what activities to focus on.
  • What are client expectations this year?
  • What action items can you take to be successful this year?

Week 3: Beginning Stakeholder interviews

  • These may be the biggest tool you have for
    • Revenue generation
    • Client retention
    • Profitability

Week 4: Architecture Audits 

  • Tips and tricks to make the process more efficient.
  • Defining your high level stack
  • Where to focus to get the best experience...
    • ...spoiler alert...it is projects!

Week 1: Architecture Audits Continued

  • Deep dive of the architecture report
  • Drive your projects with proper audit proceedures
  • Increase your perceived value by moving the needle!

Week 2: Architecture Audits Personnas

  • Using the personna to win over clients
  • How to sell your projects as a competitive advantage to customers
  • Build trust with a customer journey


Week 3: New Release Overview

How to use the new home screens to:

  • Save time
  • Increase customer stickiness
  • Generate revenue
  • Close opportunities faster.

Week 4:Architecture Audits: Recommendations

2022 Architecture Audits: Recommendations

  • Decrease time to decision
  • Increase customer buy-in
  • Understand the mindset of your customer

Week 1: QBRs are Dead

  • Software Update Notes
  • Why QBRs are dead, or at least evolved
  • Where QBRs went wrong...

Week 2:Next Level QBRs (Part 2)

  • Upgrade the content of your meetings
  • How to talk about the coming quarter


Week 3: Quoting vs Proposing for dummies

  • An overview of the Proposal Tool
  • How to use all your work to fuel the proposal
  • The Value of Soft Selling


Week 4: Quarter 1 Summary, Q2 Roadmap

  • MILESTONE: End of quarter 1.
  • What to do when you are behind.
  • How to wrap up Q1 activites in the tool (Snapshots)

Week 5: Wrapping Up Architecture

  • Make sure the right Solutions are in place before trying to leverage additional features

Second Quarter: Service


Week 1: Education Focused MSPs...now is the time!

How to increase revenue for schools:

  • Grants...why you need to know them
  • Summer change windows
  • School Administrator mindset...it isnt like a CEO...completely

Week 2: Gov't Focused MSPs...your time has arrived too!

  • Who should you invite to a budget workshop?
  • What are the key activities for a budget workshop.
  • How will a budget workshop increase your client success?
  • How does the managed Humanize IT tool fit into a budget workshop?

Week 3: Stop Wasting time! Classify your clients...Easy as A, B, C

  • How to classify your clients
  • How to match up appropriate services
  • How alignment will increase perceived value!
  • How to use the tool to deliver services to client levels and save time! (eg. using playbooks, CES and donuts)

Week 4: How Service Audits add context

  • How to use the built in service audits.
  • How to use the April action item to align customer services.
  • A smidge on pre-sales of services to increase perceived value

Week 5: Bonus Session (TBD)

2022 we talked through the new software roadmap which is finished now! Assess, Reccomend, Budget, Deliver

  • No recording

Week 1: Service Audits: Delivery Alignment

  • How to generate profits with service audits.
    • Why are your focused on hardware/software?
  • How to spread out the project load to take advantage of summer
  • How to align delivery with your project teams to reduce stress.

Week 2: How to build healthy work-life balance

        • Using Roadmaps to provision Employees
        • What is an Employer of Choice and how do I become one?
      • How to put the right people in the right seats.

Week 3: Use Service Gap Analysis to prove your worth

  • How to Audit Customer Gaps (Service Stack)
  • How to align with your customer's gaps
  • How to Deliver Quality Solutions that your client wants

Week 4: Add context to your recommendations

  • Create "Friendly" names for projects
  • Add in business need to your pojects
  • Ensure that you are talking with your client rather than at them

Week 1: Q2 Review Q3 Planning

  • Q2: What went well, what could go better?
  • How to increase perceived value through Service Delivery
  • What does Q3 look like?

Week 2: Set Expectations

  • How do you set expectations appropriately?
  • How does the tool help?
  • What do we mean by top down planning and delivery?
  • NOTE: This will be a key differentiator for your MSP

Week 3: Ticket Review and SLAs

  • Why it is easy to get addicted to ticket KPIs
  • Why SLAs are almost always mismanaged
  • How to change your mindset, and decrease your overhead.

Week 4: Project maps

  • Tactical vs Strategic Project planning.
  • Using Project Roadmaps to manage the battlefield
  • How to get out of the way of your engineers, while freeing up their time.

Week 5: Next Level Service Delivery

  • How to deliver next level service
  • How to speak your clien'ts language
  • How to identify and prioritize services

Third Quarter: Risk


Week 1: Intro to the Risk Pillar

  • What is Risk? (Are you certain you know?)
  • How do talk about Risk
  • What the biggest mistakes MSPs make when assessing clients.

Week 2: Sell Risk audits using project proposals

  • How to use project proposals to sell Risk Audits
  • How much should I charge for a NIST Overview?
  • Tips and tricks to get buyin from your clients so they see the value.

Week 3: Use the NIST report to focus on specific areas.

  • How to read the nice overview report
  • How to monitize NIST assessments
  • How to use controls to push projects

Week 4: Cadence

  • How to start a cadence today!
  • How a cadence increases your revenue immediately
  • How a cadence will put you ahead in your market year over year.

Week 1: Client Touchpoint Alerting

  • Why do touchpoints get missded so often?
  • How touchpoints generate revenue
  • How to use touchpoint alerting with the tool

Week 2: Risk Audits: Why Control Families Keep You Secure

  • What are Control Families
  • How do they keep us secure
  • How do they drive profits!

Week 3: Risk Audits: How Control Families Increase Confidence

  • You NEED to learn compliance basics
  • A small history lesson.
  • Confidence = Shorter Sales Cycle
Week 4: Risk Audits: Be secure, be certain, be confident.

Week 1: 4TH QUARTER WARNING! Start building strategy for 2025!

  • Here is the journey we will take you on in 2025
  • Here is how much it will cost
  • How it will build your business

Week 2: Strategy meets Budgets, be an example for customers.

  • How to plan budgets
  • How to create a proposal for a budget (in seconds)
  • An easy change to your proposals to push them over the edge

Week 3: Meet with Customers to plan Q4 activities

  • What should a Q4 QBR look like
  • How to combine Q4 QBRs and Annual reviews
  • A list of DO NOT DO THIS in a Q4 QBR.

Week 4: Asset Management

  • How to properly handle Asset Management
  • Budgeting for Depreciation...not warranties.
  • CAPEX vs OPEX a primer...and how not knowing costs you money.

Fourth Quarter: Strategy

October (Cyber Security Month)

Week 1: (FISCAL YEAR BEGIN) Running Annual Strategy Sessions

  • How to deal with Gov't clients
  • How are annual review sessions different than QBRs
  • How to maximize delivery this month!

Week 2: Continuing Stakeholder interviews (We told you in January we would hit these again)

  • What are Stakeholder interviews
  • Why this results in cash for you immediately
  • What are the RIGHT questions?...(you already have them FYI)

Week 3: Get your MSP 'unstuck'

  • How to avoid getting operationally stuck.
  • The difference between operational and strategic planning.
  • How to increase profits with an appropriate vision.

Week 4: Tactical vs Strategic QBRs

  • Strategic vs Tactical (again)
  • Using the QBR Personna to Change Mindsets
  • Using the new project roadmap to deliver true strategy.

Week 1: End of Year Activities

  • End-of-year quick proposals (not quotes)
  • Snapshotting the end of year, starting a new year
  • Build customer Trust with Roadmaps


Live From IT Nation Connect 2022 

Week 3: End of Year Activites (Continued)

  • Painpoints
  • 2024 Projects
  • The one thing

Week 1: Holiday Month!

  • Dos and Don't of the holiday season
  • How to de-stress prior to Q1
  • 2023 road mapping etiquette

Week 2: The Value of Laziness

  • Cadence and Planning = Profit and Client Confidence
    • Using proposals to increase client confidence
    • Profitability win-win: Trade hardware for service
  • Client Christmas gift ideas

Week 3: A Few Last Minute Tricks

  • What was the deal with 2023?!?
  • What happened to the planned recession?
  • What does this mean for MSPs in 2024?

Week 4: A Look into the Future

  • How does an election year affect customer buying?
  • Tips on taking advantage of the economy.
  • Tips from the group for 2024?



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