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Account Management and vCIO Operations Quickstarter Pack




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The missing blueprint and implementation process 

Executives are looking for more strategic and business-oriented conversations. Without a clear understanding of the roles for the Account Managers, Technical Account Managers, Technical vCIOs or Business vCIOs it is nearly impossible to leverage any process, best practice or tool to get your critical audience excited. 

But without the tech-talk, it's hard to reduce the ticket noise, approve projects, get your technology stack and best practices adopted, or introduce new services.

The problem is not a missing feature, tool, lack of integration or a usability problem. The problem is a missing methodology and implementation process for Account Management and vCIO Operations.

Efficient Operation

Streamline your operation by Developing and Adopting your Technology Best Practice, Technology Stack and Service Standards.

Sustainable Growth

Close more infrastructure projects and expand your Security, vCIO and Cloud services with Client Engagement Activities.

Brand Differentiation

Running business focused QBRs, Audits and Annual Planning sessions defines you as a high-value business partner.

Structure your Account Management and vCIO Operations in hours

Short learning curve, easy setup, out-of-box templates, academy courses, live training and guided implementation for teams

Client Engagement Excellence Framework

This program was developed to give you a comprehensive, step-by-step approach and the tools to take your client engagement activities to the next level.

We’ve started with a client engagement excellence model to break down this problem into manageable pieces. 

Client Engagement Excellence Implementation Process

The 30 day and 1-year plans will get you set up and running quickly with no compromise in the long term

1. Client Engagement Readiness Assessment

2. Client Engagement Strategy Plan

3. Initial Client Engagement Implementation

4. Repeatable accountability cycle


Evolve From the ad-hoc approach to client meetings to driving project revenues and producing client roadmaps


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Predefined Client Engagement Roles

Client Engagement Roles are responsible for interaction and involvement with your clients in various distinct business activities. A lack of clarity creates unnecessary noise within the process of client engagement.

You'll have access to four different roles segmented by nature and focus of activities. Account Managers and Technical Account Manager roles are responsible for the tactical focus and Business vCIOs and Technical vCIOs are responsible for the Strategic focus.

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Client Engagement Roles


Predefined Client Segments

If you and your team know how much time you can and want to spend with your clients for general client engagement activities then you can streamline your operation with clarity and expectations, you can create boundaries and sell additional services and you can focus your AM/vCIO's time on valuable clients.

You will access a predefined set of client segments based on revenue (A,B,C and D) and based on lifecycle (Acquisition, Onboarding and Misalignment) and a process to develop your own client segmentation.


Client Engagement Segments


Predefined Client Playbooks

If you and your team know which client engagement activities should be done and by when for each client: you can make Account Managers accountable, you can stay on top of each account and not risk churn, you can show the plan to your clients to elevate their perceived value and you can measure client engagement and the ROI.

You'll access various client engagement playbooks and methods to develop your own playbooks for your team.

Predefined Client Playbooks

Structure your Account Management and vCIO Operations in 30 days

Step 1. Sign up for an intro call

Step 2. Add the Quickstarter Pack

Step 3. Follow the course and the process

Step 4. Gain clarity and become proactive with your clients 


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Standardization Best Practices

Growing a service business and increasing the bottom line requires standardization. It is important to standardize the operative daily processes and procedures (Technology Best Practices), the services, providers, devices you support (Technology Stack) and the services you provide (Service Offering).

The standardization effort requires accountability, development process, adoption process (Planning), Development of Standards and an Audit Process for Adoption (Development) and a successfully executed adoption project (Adoption).


Client Engagement Best Practices

Being strategic with Client Engagement means you can deliver Client Engagement Activities for all quadrants of the client engagement matrix.

Activities for Strategic scope are planning, auditing and different types of workshops to engage executives.

Activities for Tactical scope are reviews, management, governance of the execution of the plans and agreements for engaging the tactical roles.

The consultative sales engagement activities leverage both the strategic and tactical elements to engage all roles through the sales process.


Operations Best Practices

Delegating the AM or vCIO role is not easy. Building a working team is even harder. However, there are best practices to set expectations and goals and keep the team accountable.

You'll learn best practices how to 

  • assign clients to account managers
  • apply playbooks to clients
  • list the upcoming activities and log activities
  • do a monthly and weekly huddle for accountability
  • run reports on key performance indicators


On-Demand Courses

Academy Courses with videos, text, progress check, bonus materials and quizzes.

  1. Client Engagement Foundations
  2. Standardization
  3. Client Engagement Activities
  4. Client Engagement Operations


Optional Guided Implementation

Guided Implementation is a Private Masterclass series delivered directly to your team. The coach goes through the same process as on the normal Masterclasses but focuses on your company problems and enhances collaboration and buy-in from your team.


Live Training

Learn the fundamentals of the platform and the solution set to turn your goals into reality. These interactive small group sessions allow you to get your questions answered, exchange ideas with others and to implement the tools and templates quickly.

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Build scalable Account Management and vCIO Operations 




Sign up for the Client Engagement Excellence Manifesto PDF coming end of January


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