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Caleb has a passion for security and continuous improvement. That means educating business leadership and IT teams so they can make informed decisions aligned with their organization's risk appetite.

He believes the SMB market is very underserved with regard to affordable security services and education, and believes MSPs want to help. He used to work at an MSP and saw the struggle from within and in conversation with other MSPs. Many agree there is a moral imperative to introduce security to their customers, but don’t know where to start, don’t have time, or can’t afford to stand up security services internally. So Caleb started Infosec Consulting to be a security practice enabling SMB-focused MSPs to deliver cyber security services to their clients.

He’s held positions such as Director of IT at a midsize business and Director of Technical Operations at a cybersecurity assessments firm, and worked at an MSP to build a security program.

Caleb’s passion for security drives him to be active in the community, so he speaks regularly for local business events and at regional IT and information security conferences.

He’s also been published in BoardRoom Magazine on the topic of cybersecurity and was a guest speaker on Auvik’s FranklyMSP podcast.

  • Think about why people care? Why they are going to follow you?
  • What internal/external/philosophical problems you help to solve
  • Facts about the past - to create authority (titles, past jobs)
  • Personal Passion - to create momentum
  • Personal Super Powers - to create uniqueness
  • Personal interest/hobby - to make you human


Caleb currently hold the following certifications:

  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner
  • CompTIA Project+
  • CompTIA Security+, Network+, A+
  • MTA Networking Fundamentals
  • ITIL Foundations 2011
  • CIW Web Security Associate, Site Development Associate.

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