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Client Meeting Report Quickstarter Pack


Generate Client Engagement with five QBRs in 30 days


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Crisis, No Time, Lack of decisions


MSPs need to increase frequency of meetings to stay on top of client engagement
There is no time to implement and build a proper QBR system without a blueprint
There is no time to deliver QBRs with the current cumbersome process and tools
There is no time to follow up with the team after the QBR and projects do not get approved


Hundreds of MSPs have been preparing QBRs faster, driving more engaging meetings and following up to make decisions

Start a Client meeting today



Don't re-invent the wheel, develop in-house or spend countless hours on different tools. Leverage the ready-to-use QBR Templates.

Build Project Roadmap



30+ Project templates help to build project roadmaps, sell projects and adopt your standards quickly.

12 Step Implementation process 


Follow our 12-step proven method in a course to quickstart the process even if you have not done QBRs before.

Improve your client meetings in hours

Short learning curve, easy setup, out-of-box templates, academy courses, live training and guided implementation for teams

4Q Client Engagement Framework

The proprietary 4Q Client Engagement Framework defines 4 different communication channels with clients. Separates the noise and clutter to communicate Business / Technical and Strategic / Tactical domains. The QBRs and projects are associated with different domains. The framework defines the agenda points with executives, office managers and technical people.

Client Engagement Responsabilities

12 Step Client Engagement Process

Implementing the 4Q Framework is easy. It requires only 5 client meetings to conduct the process in 30 days. Yes, you have some initial set up process but the implementation happens with you and clients together in 4 different stages. There is step-by-step course material you can easily follow to go through the steps.
12 steps to succeed with your QBR

From being ad-hoc about client meetings to driving project revenues and producing client roadmaps


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3 QBR Report Templates

3 Different QBR Templates for different use cases. Basic for simple requirements, advanced for including more talking points and the expert for all the whistles and bells.

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Typical QBR Approaches

38 Project Templates

38 instant project templates can be pulled from any client meeting to populate the roadmaps. These are linked as recommendations from the Technology Health Assessment of the report to make your life easy.

IT Project Templates

Infrastructure Health Assessment

The IT Infrastructure Health Assessment shows how partner networks, policies and devices are compliant with the set solution standards and best practices recommended by you. Scores range from Non compliance, Inadequate Compliance, Partial Compliance to Full Compliance. This is a perfect way to assess the client’s environment quickly and generate recommendations to their roadmap.

Infrastructure Health Assessment


Step 1. Sign up for a demo call

Step 2. Subscribe to the software

Step 3. Follow the onboarding process

Step 4. Engage 5 clients with QBRs


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You get access to an IT Services Scorecard, a Support Team Scorecard and a Client Scorecard to get feedback from various sources and make the results visible to an executive dashboard. This way you are able to gather more evidence from more mature and complex clients to demonstrate value and make decisions quickly.

Scorecard summary



Several add-on widgets are included for Cover Page, Meeting Agenda, Strategy Business Overview, What’s New, Technology Landscape, Ticket Reviews, Critical Systems Review, Tasks, Monthly Call Notes and so on to pull up any discussion with a client quickly.

Leverage the scorecard widgets to gather data from user surveys and information from executives and add input to the meeting with your internal scorecards. Use and design your own scorecards and show those in one overall widget or analyze them separately. This helps inform your executives quickly based on real feedback and lets them make decisions more easily.

Client Meeting Report Tool widgets



Academy Courses with videos, text, progress check, bonus materials and quizzes.

  1. Client Engagement Foundations
  2. Standardization
  3. Client Engagement Activities
  4. Client Engagement Operations


Live Training

Learn the fundamentals in the platform and the solution set to turn your goals into a reality. These interactive small group sessions allow you to get your questions answered, exchange ideas with others and to implement the tools and templates quickly.

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