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As a IT Sales and Marketing chief, I know how to drive customer acquisition and ensure our clients are positioned for success. Simply put, I’m in the business of helping others improve their business. I do more than just help increase revenue - I show them how to enhance the quality and value of their entire operation.

I was recruited to manage the expansion of the client base and increase revenue across the Western U.S. for Kaseya. Here I learned the MSP's sales challenges and decided to develop, teach, coach and implement sales improving programs allowing them to differentiate themselves and to realize repeatable and predictable sales results.

My background includes sales leadership roles with the world’s most successful MSP software organizations and providers of outsourced solutions. Additionally I’ve established my own sales strategy consulting practice to serve MSPs. Across 20 years, I’ve applied my knowledge to helping others’ ventures thrive, lecturing globally from the U.S. to Asia Pacific and I am honored to be acknowledged as a market expert within the outsourced IT solutions field.

I am passionate about IT sales and love to help clients transform their companies.

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