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Rex Frank is President of Sea-Level Operations, LLC. He founded the company in 2010 with the core purpose to “Coach IT Managed Service Providers on achieving operational excellence.”

Rex has over 23 years industry experience in IT Service Delivery and over 18 years specializing in delivering Managed Services.

He spent 19 years teamed up with Oli Thordarson as the Chief Technology Officer at Alvaka Networks in Irvine, CA. He joined Alvaka in 1988 as a Computer Technician and quickly began supporting early Novell networks. He became the Service Manager in 1992 and began developing a network monitoring service in 1994. Alvaka won the Solutions Integrator Magazine award for The Best Remote Management Solution in 1999.

In March of 2004, Rex was an inaugural member of the True Profits! Service Executive peer group where he learned to be accountable for service financial metrics, documenting and implementing Managed Services best practices policy and procedure and how to focus his time working “ON” Service Delivery rather than “IN” Service Delivery.

In 2008, Rex joined Northwest Computer Support in Seattle, WA as the Vice President of Managed Services. In just eighteen short months, he was able to join the Million Dollar Club (monthly recurring managed services billing of $83,333). He accomplished this by developing the team of NOC/Help Desk engineers, working with the large team of Senior Engineers on how think differently to support MSP clients and most importantly, coaching the sales staff how to understand and sell Managed Services.

In Late 2009, Rex joined JWCS as the Director of operations. The company grew from 10 to 25 employees in just 12 months, while dramatically improving profitability as operational efficiency improved.

Rex founded Sea-Level Operations, LLC in December 2010 and began coaching MSPs, primarily the service managers, on a myriad of MSP Operations tasks.


6 Vital Elements of a Successful Business Building Process

Watch this interview with our MSP operation excellence expert guide, Rex Frank, to learn how to make a profitable operation by familiarizing your MSP with the Annual Strategic Operations Plan’s best practices to leverage your RMM and PSA tools that will drive down costs, manage your engineers and guide behavior.

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