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With over 3 decades of experience in IT, Skip Ziegler has developed a results driven focus on applying technology to meet the needs of the business. Drawing on a broad skill set from implementing and supporting IT infrastructure and leading engineering teams he is able to provide clarity to IT organizations and business leaders to maximize their technical investments.

"Technology Best Practice and Technology Stack adoption lead to the required operational efficiency to stay competitive on the disrupted IT Infrastructure market"

Early in his career he realized that just understanding the technology was only part of the challenge. To make technology truly valuable to an organization you had to communicate with business leaders, to align the possibilities that IT could deliver and meet the goals and needs of the business. Throughout his career Skip has had the chance to work from both the service provider and the client relationship, work with cutting edge technologies, lead support teams, and direct business activities as a manager and owner.
Skip and his wife Paula are West Texas natives with 4 kids, 2 grandkids and a growing desire to travel and see more of the world (or at least see places that have really good food).

Stay Relevant, Expand Your Clients and Achieve Your Full Potential

Stay relevant, expand your reach and achieve your full potential!

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Why Your Strategic Engagements Are Failing

Watch this recorded webinar with our technical account management expert guide, Skip Ziegler, and learn how to increase your MSP’s revenue by demonstrating to your clients the enhancements in technologies that will improve their market advantages.


7 Strategies to Make IT More Engaging to Executives

Watch this interview with our technical account management expert guide, Skip Ziegler, to learn how to be more engaged with clients by finding advice to develop and adopt your Technology Best Practice.

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